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Soft skills

Strategic Leadership Training

In today’s dynamic business environment, a good manager can be the difference between a firm that crawls and a firm that jumps leaps and bounds. A good manager not only guides his subordinates but actually motivates them to strive for greatness. Ascent offer you a gate pass to unleash your leadership potentials so that you aspire for challenges while inspiring your followers to do the same.

Ethical Management Training

Corruption and unethical dealings have increased at an alarming rate, putting a question mark on moral values of every professionals in today’s business sector. If we are unable to exercise ethical practice, it is going to leave a permanent mark on our dignity and professional reputation. Hence, every individual and corporate entity needs to foster an ethical culture for which Ascent continues to provide ethical management training seminars periodically.

HR Training

Managers face a tough time acquiring capable human resource as well as utilizing the talent that they already have. Whether you are the owner, the HR manager or the head of your department, you can contribute to the growth of your organization by optimally utilizing the existing human resource in your company.  Participate in our HR training sessions, where we teach you the essential HR skills to get the best out of your employees.

  1. Technical skills

Advanced Excel Training

If your job entitles working with number, excel is the ultimate tool that enhances your productivity and efficiency. With excel, you can easily organize, calculate, summarize and relate large quantities of data. Our Excel training focuses on imparting practical excel skills that can readily be applied to your real-life scenarios.

Advanced Data Analysis

Big Data, Scary Data – unless you know advanced data analysis tools and techniques. Ascent provides advanced data analysis training through which you learn to crunch those big data into meaningful information that aids you in decision making.

MS Office Training

Having trouble at work or not being able to secure a job because you aren’t quite adept with MS office? Join our MS office course that is tailored according to your need. You can enroll in basic level, intermediate level or gain an in-depth understanding of advanced level MS office package.

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