IT &services

IT &services

  1. Information System Audit

It’s highly likely that you have an information system in place because you know that it can redefine and revolutionize how you conduct your business. But, is your IT investment producing the best results? Are you sure you aren’t facing any threats?

We can answer those critical questions for you so that you have 100% confidence in your system. Just let us do your IS audit. We’ll ensure your system is reliable, protected, compliant with policies and aligned perfectly with your business objectives.

  1. Core Banking Solutions (CBS) Selection

With numerous FMIs competing head on to establish their market share, getting new customers and retaining them has become a challenge. The only way your bank can survive is if you can keep your customers happy by providing flexibility, convenience and security of their transactions.

Thanks to various Core Banking Solutions (CBS) packages, you can now offer your customers with easy secured banking services anywhere at any time. However, there are many chooses and selecting the wrong one can be an expensive bad investment.

Ascent will aid you in preparing your Request for proposal (RFP), selecting the optimal CBS package and choosing the right vendor. Make the best out of your CBS investment by choosing us in helping you choose your CBS package.

  1. Request For Proposal (RFP)

Choosing the right vendor is a tough task, especially when your project is complex, too detailed and requires heavy investment. The time and effort needed to prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP), assess various potential suppliers and select the best out of the bunch, might distract you from your core tasks. No need to panic right away.

With our industry networks and market expertise, Ascent can aid you in connecting with the most suitable vendor as per your need. We’ll prepare your detailed RFP, evaluate proposals as per your specific criteria, conduct due diligence and suggest you the most appropriate vendor. The choice will be yours but we’ll be there at each step aiding your decision.

  1. Data Mining

Stuck with a pile of random data and pointless numbers? You might be sitting on a goldmine of information that can take your business to great heights. Allow us to excavate those data and turn them into vital information through our data mining service.

Our services are customizable as per your requirement and we ensure high confidentiality of your data. So, let us crunch those numbers, explore key relations, and discover the vital knowledge required for your key decision making and exponential business growth.

  1. Website Consultancy

Your website is the virtual window through which customers view your business. It’s your online identity. Whether you want to market your services or spread your online reach, a website has become a pivotal tools in today’s high tech world.

Yet, just getting your website running doesn’t earn you high points with your customers or with google. In addition, you want your website to be secure so that you don’t face any threats to your online identity.

What you need is an optimized website that is good in design, content, SEO and is highly secured. And, you can achieve that with our help as your website consultant. We involve in secure site development to offer you website that is visually appealing, Search Engine Optimized and highly secure.

  1. Licensing

We are not only seller. We are consultant. So we suggest you right product and provide you cost-benefit licenses. We provide licenses of office 365, Sql server, Window server, Oracle database and many more.

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